Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

SEO Tips for Beginner

Search engine optimization is possibly the single most important aspect of any website outside of content. Although SEO is only one element of web marketing, it is possibly the easiest to understand and of course, it is free. By implementing SEO techniques, your site will improve its rankings in image, local, and global searches.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the technique of organizing a website in a way to increase its potential relevance of specific keywords on specific search engines and ensuring external links to the site are properly titled and in abundance. This is done to achieve higher organic ranking in search engines to increase the volume of targeted traffic.

SEO Aspects

Title - Use the title to create viewer interest–be sure to use your main targeted keyword phrase. This is perhaps the most important attribute in SEO.
Content - Use keywords in the body of your content several times, but don’t force it. Using strong and em to help build performance.
Links - Links are the second most important aspect of SEO. Use keywords in all links, both internal and external. As well, seek external links from other websites to point towards your pages using your keywords. This can be done by guest posts, linkbait, or article directory submissions.
Headers - h1, h2, h3, etc. are also important. Every page should have at least an h1. Use h2 and h3 as a way to add sections within your content. Put keyword in them.


Nofollow - Ever since the big three announced nofollow, SEOs have been scrambling to find a way to utilize the attribute. Some suggest placing nofollow on links to contact forms and about pages, while others see those pages more strategically. What SEOs do agree on, is placing the nofollow tag on untrusted links and advertising. Sadly, this includes comments.
Please the Google - Google is the most popular search engine on Earth, by far. Please him and you will find traffic at your doorstep.
Diversify - Don’t be a one horse cowboy. If Google goes down, your website should take only a minor hit. Utilize social media, the blogosphere, and make friends in the industry.
Go long-tail - You won’t get #1 overnight for the word “Cars”. Instead, think long-tail. Target searches for [cool green cars], [new 2009 honda], and [cheap plug-in hybrids].
Think longterm - Don’t sacrifice your site for short-term success. Every now and then a new blackhat technique comes to the forefront suggesting it will make you #1 if you cook crow. Don’t fall for the temptation.


SEO is a long-term project; it is not something that can be done overnight. Instead, find your comfort zone and continue the process of gaining links and optimizing pages over the life of your website. Only then can your site truly gain consistent exposure in search engines.

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